Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never Going Back that Way Again

"Watch out that you don't lose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully" (2 John 1:8).

Progress can be a tricky thing within the caverns of our minds.  We tend to look at the distance and the challenges that are a head.  This can sometimes be both daunting and discouraging.  But, it's the flip side of that journey that doesn't get the attention that is so richly deserves: the distance on the journey already traveled.  There are so many that never take that first step to embark on the challenge of a new dream, a new habit, breaking an old destructive cycle, or a a renewed mindset in life.  The challenge with this perspective is that while we celebrate the journey we have traveled, that we are closer to where we are heading than we were before we started, is that we purpose in our hearts to never return to that place we were so desperate to overcome.

In this very short letter, John is speaking to a woman who has become a pillar of faith, yet is seemingly surrounded by those who are deceivers and seek to mislead.  John encourages her with the truth that she has come too far to back now; and that there is still more that God would desire to bless her with both now and in eternity.

The same is true for you.  No matter where you have been, you have the choice to move beyond.  This is true in both matters of faith and in every day living.  It takes great pains and commitment to establish disciplines in life.  Do not allow old habits or resurrected desires to take you back to a place that had kept you away from God's best for your life.  You must choose to stay focused on Him, stay on your guard, and continue in the disciplines that He is and longs to develop in you.  Choose to get off of the roller coaster of life's purposeless and destructive cycles; always moving up and down, in loops, upside down and right side up, but always getting off in the same place you got on.  Purpose to move forward.  Ask Jesus for the strength, the direction, and the grace to walk in the path that He has already made way just for you!

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