Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"Thus the work on the house of God in Jerusalem came to a standstill until the second year of the reign of Darius king of Persia" (Ezra 4:24).

It was the end of summer in 2008.  I had recently taken a position as the senior pastor of a church about 45 minutes from where we had lived the last 3 years.  As excited I was about making this move into a new area of ministry, I was somewhat caught in a paradox of balancing my faith to believe in spite of what seemed impossible and the fact of what seemed impossible.  We needed desperately to sell our house and purchase a house within the community that we believed God had called us to.  Many had told us to just wait it out until the economy recovered, as the housing market was in the process of tanking and houses just weren't selling quickly, at least not in a way that would give us the finances we needed.

At the end of that summer, with our house on the market for about five months, many lookers, no offers, and building discouragement, I had a moment with God I will never forget!  I saw the house I wanted, and believed in my heart that it was the one God had for us.  The house was in short sale and would be going into foreclosure in a weeks time.  Once in foreclosure, I was told it could take upwards of 2 years before becoming available.  I was convinced that my house would go under contract within that week, we'd submit an offer on the "new" house, and the house would be ours.  I walked around that property many times that week praying, and believing in my heart that this was the house.  That week passed quickly without even a call to come and look at the house we still owned.  I was disappointed and more than a bit confused.  But, I had surrendered to God.  Thirty days later, I received a call from my agent advising me to drop the selling price of my home, because the house we had looked at was coming back on the market priced down nearly $30,000!  We lowered it, bid on the other one, and both houses went under contract within ONE WEEK!!  What seemed like an interruption was an opportunity for me to see a God who was still at work, regardless of what things appeared to be!

So, what happens when there is an "interruption" to the plan and promise of God?  Why would God start something, only to allow it be stalled?  God's people have faced this crossroads since the beginning.  Even within the truth of this verse, you can see the great fulfillment of the promise of God.  "It came to a standstill until..."  Whenever there is an "interruption" in the plan of God, there's always an "until."  God's not finished.  In fact, it would seem the interruption isn't that at all, but rather a test designed to assess our ability to persevere, be patient, and trust.

Are you trusting God in spite of what may appear as an interruption to what He's already promised you?  Be reassured in the great purpose that God has for your life.  His plan, though it may seem interrupted, has not been terminated.  He may be allowing a time in your life for testing, seeing how ready you are to continue on the journey He as planned that holds His promises for you.  Your praise, perseverance, and passion should not be any less during the interruption.  Hold on and have faith that your God preparing you for your "until!"

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