Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Digging Deep

"For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the LORD, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel" (Ezra 7:10).

For instant peace and quiet for myself and hours of entertainment for my children, I have learned the secret.  They don't give you this good stuff in seminars.  You won't read it in a book, and Dr. Phil has never revealed this truth on any of his programs...or at least, so I've heard.  Give a child a bucket, a shovel, and place them in a pile of sand, dirt, gravel, or mud, and you are set!  They instantly become pirates earnestly digging for buried treasure.  They will dig tunnels, build castles, bury dad...yes, yes...bury dad.  As long as they are digging, they are happy, content, and feel accomplished.

Ezra was faithfully committed to the call God had placed upon his life.  He was devoted to digging also - studying, tunneling through all of the Law of God - searching it out, inquiring of its meaning, wringing out all the truth that he could.  He was committed to observing the Law - doing it, living it out, putting feet to his faith and method to his mouth.  And, his dedication followed up with his commitment to teaching the Law.  It wasn't just about him, for he had a responsibility to teach what he knew and to reproduce who he was.  This wasn't just his job.  This was what he was called to, dedicated to, and committed to living out.

This is what you are called to, as well.  Grab hold of the realization that you need to study; to dig deep into His Word, to receive the revelation that He so much desires to speak into your life.  This truth will remind you that He is with you and will shine the light on areas that He is calling you out on and to deal with.  Follow it up by doing it.  Don't settle for just knowing His truth.  DO IT!  Live it out.  The blessing of His Word is not just in the collection of information, but in the intimate knowledge of interaction!  Then, allow your life to be a living example to others that are desperate to know the life-changing power of the love of Jesus.  Let it be real within you!  No, you may not be perfect, but as you continue to dig deep, you will awaken a desire in others to do the same!


Constance V. Walden said...

As I scanned the first two pages of your blog, I found barely a mention of Jesus Christ. Are you a Christian?

Noelle:) said...

Check this out! Awesome Scripture!

Pastor Chris-CC said...

Hi Constance...I am so sorry that you got the wrong impression. I am very MUCH a Christian. The last few weeks or so, I have been blogging from some of my personal devotional journals from the Old Testament. Whenever I speak of God, even in the Old Testament, I speak of the ONE TRUE GOD who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I do believe in Jesus. He is my Savior and Lord. And I believe that He speaks to us through ALL Scripture, as Paul instructs Timothy, that ALL scripture is God-breathed. And of course, as John 1:1 speaks of Jesus as the WORD (which is the truth). It is all beautifully and intimately intertwined. Thank you for you question! Glad you stopped by!