Friday, July 1, 2011

Walking In the Authority of God

"Calling the twelve to Him, He sent them out two by two and gave them authority over evil" (Mark 6:7).

Recently on a missions trip to the UK, God revealed this passage to our team in ways that only He could.  We traveled from the US to the one of the larger cities in the UK to partner with an awesome church in reaching the city.  We were ready for anything.  Bring on the ministry!  Bring on the people that need Jesus!  Bring on the challenges of reaching the lost!  Bring on the hostel??  Yes.  The place we stayed, for many, was a challenge.  It wasn't horrible (at least not in my opinion), but it did take us to the core of why we were there and what God really wanted to do.  So the rooms weren't ideal, and so we couldn't easily wash our clothes for 10 days we were to be there.  So the agenda wasn't what we had exactly planned.   We had a choice to complain about the accommodations, the arrangements, and our attire, or we could embrace the opportunity to walk in the authority of God.

Jesus had spent time investing in His disciples and now it was time to send them out.  It wasn't about the accommodations.  They had no place to stay.  It wasn't about arrangements.  They had no scheduled events, no planned agenda.  It wasn't about their attire.  They had no changes of clothes.  It was about the authority they had in the One who sent them.  It was a delegated influence that they were empowered with over all powers of darkness.  He had given it, but they had to choose to walk in it.

We can choose to get lost in the details, or in the lack of details in any given circumstance.  But, what we have to remember is, the calling that God has placed in our lives to send us out to affect the world and to be a catalyst of His love.  It's not in the accommodations, arrangements, or attire.  Those things can not ever become more important than the authority He has given us over evil thoughts, imaginations and spirits.  So really, the choice is yours today.  Do you choose to accept and walk and live in the delegated influence of Jesus Christ?

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