Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As Was His Custom

"Jesus then left that place and went into the region of Judea and across the Jordan.  Again crowds of people came to Him, and as was His custom, He taught them"  (Mark 1:1).

Jesus did not waste an opportunity.  When He found Himself around a number of people, He took advantage of the time and used it to teach them, to instruct them, to impart to them, and to mentor them.  This was His custom.  He didn't need a special event, another reason, or a cause.  He was there.  They were there.  This wasn't by chance.  This was His custom.  It was His mindset to teach and to share His life with those who God had placed around Him.

While walking over to a local McDonald's from the hotel I was staying at in Birmingham, UK, I was met by a man in the parking lot.  He looked tired, and his face spoke volumes of stories of discouragement and the feelings of great disappointment.  He began to tell me of how he was just two pounds away from having the money needed to take a train to where he needed to be.  His car at broken down, he had run out of money, and his day had been spent hearing the discouraging rants and insults by any passerby he came in contact with.  All I had in my pocket was a 10 pound note.  I thought about giving it all, but felt God speak otherwise.  I told him that I would give him the 2 pounds, but needed change, and that I was going in to buy myself a cup of coffee and would like to buy him one as well.  He was stunned, but accepted.  The man by the way, was Muslim.  As we were standing in line, he mentioned his appreciation for giving him the benefit of the doubt.  I looked at him and told him that my faith teaches me that very truth.  I told him that I am a Christian and believe that Jesus loved me so much, that He gave me the "benefit of the doubt," and that I should be willing to the do the same, and to love people as Christ has loved me. could have knocked the guy over with a feather!  We received our drinks, I gave him the 2 pounds, and wished him well.

Sharing the truth about Jesus should never be something we leave completely to scheduling and to Sunday mornings.  Opportunities to share what Jesus has done or is doing in our lives should never be left to calendars or chance, but to choice.  Choose to open your eyes to see the hearts and lives of people around you.  Choose to look at those that God has surrounded you with.  Choose to make it your mindset, your way of life, you custom to teach and to share your life, a life that has been touched and blessed by God, with others.

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