Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"Another time Jesus went into the synagogue, and a man with a shriveled hand was there"
(Mark 3:1).

Over the years that I have been a part of church life, I have heard a similar phrase spoken in different ways.  "I just don't get anything out of the worship."  "That church just doesn't meet my needs."  "I go when I need it."  "I just don't prefer what they offer at that one."  Of course, there are some churches that are not either as healthy as they could or should be, or are not pursuing to be as healthy as they should be.  However, many times, we face this mindset of a consumer rather than a worshiper.  Plain and simple: it's not about me!  It's not about what I can get, because I am not the object of least I shouldn't be!

Jesus wasn't about getting something when He went into a house of worship.  That was never the focus.  He sought out the opportunity, and was open to seeing opportunities before Him.  He was there to be a blessing to others, not just to seek His own blessing.

So many times we miss out on the bigger picture because we become self-focused instead of God-focused when engaging in an atmosphere of corporate worship.  Think about it.  When you go to church, or gather around other believers in a group setting for worship, is it about you?  Is it more about what you can get from it, or what you can give to it?  It's about exalting the name of Jesus.  It's about expecting to be used of God to be a blessing to those He brings you in contact with.

Don't underestimate the sovereign work of God to place you right where He wants you to be.  And, it may not be just for what He can do for you, but maybe what He can do for someone else through you.  Worship is about being selfless.  It's about Him.  And in the process...He blesses!

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Anonymous said...

I really like your post. I have been a Christian for 9 months. I attend a small church and I try and be God reliant. I often find that I am becoming self-reliant and that never seems to work for me. I have to think of others before I think of myself.Serving the
lord is what it is all about.