Monday, June 6, 2011

He Is Lord

"Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord!'" (John 21:17).

We are stubborn people, aren't we?  We have our own way of thinking how things should go.  We organize, plan, strategize, and execute.  We have logic and our understanding, and anything that conflicts with that, we quickly excuse it and move on.  After all, we've thought about everything already and have come up with the best possible plan!

However much sense this makes to us in our natural thinking, it does not give room for Jesus to be Lord in our lives.  When He is Lord, we don't call the shots.  The disciples had been in the boat all night fishing, doing what it is that they were experts at.  They were tired, worn out from being up around the clock on an unsuccessful fishing expedition.  They were discouraged, facing great confusion and uncertainty.  The Jesus that had served and believed in was gone and now what they thought  they were good at wasn't even panning out!  Jesus speak out from the shore.  They don't recognize Him from the distance, nor do they recognize His voice.  He gives them an instruction that renders them an immediate and miraculous return.  Instantly, John declares..."It is the Lord!"

There are times that we do get discouraged and begin to look inwardly at our situation.  But, even during those times, we must recognize when God is working on our behalf.  It won't always mesh with our logic and many times will contradict our limited understanding.  But, we must be willing to surrender to Him, not just at savior, but also as Lord.  "Lord" means "authority," "ruler," and "one who has control."  When we give Him ALL control, we will see some amazing results that we would have never been able to accomplish on our own.  Their is great fruitfulness in surrender and in obedience, and when we live with HIM as Lord!

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