Thursday, June 23, 2011

Desert Seasons

"At once the Spirit sent Him out into the desert..." (Mark 1:12).

Have you ever had one of those moments with God that seemed so powerful that it was almost "electric?"  Perhaps you've had an encounter with God so incredible that it seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong as long as you kept on doing what you were doing.  And happened.  One thing after another and all of a sudden you find yourself not "feeling it" anymore.  What happened?  Why did God let me have such an incredible season in His presence to then send me off in the desert??

Jesus had just spent an amazing moment with God.  It was the great showing of the Trinity of God at the Baptism of Jesus.  The voice of the Father God who spoke of His Son; the Son of God being baptized; and the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus in the form of a dove.  WOW!!  Immediately following this unmistakably incredible God-encounter, Jesus was sent out into the desert.

So many people get disillusioned when, after hearing from God, and experiencing times of His favor, that they then have to through a season in the desert.  Maybe that's exactly where you find yourself today!  Be encouraged!  The "experience" with God prepares you, but the desert produces in you that which allows the experience, the favor, and the blessings of God, to persevere in your life.

No, we don't always like the desert, but we must remember that it is a time of testing, developing, and maturing things that God has already placed within us.  The desert isn't to punish, but to produce.  If getting all that God wants for us means enduring and persevering through the desert, then we should be "all in!"  Because, we know, that even there, He's right there with us!

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King's Scribe said...

That was exactly my experience, I was enjoying a time of favour with God in the late 2008, this even led me to get a new apartment preparatory to getting married because I heard God Himself telling to sojourn in the land. But after moving to that flat, things dried up just like that. I thought it was a joke, but it went for months. But like you rightly said, now I understand that God is using such an experience as this to prepare us for greater and better things.