Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back from the "Dead"

"While Jesus was still speaking, some people came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader.  'Your daughter is dead,' they said.  'Why bother the teacher anymore?' (Mark 5:35).

 It was on the evening of November 2, 1948 that one of the grandest gaffes in presidential election reporting was made.  Certain of what all the polls had been predicting and what the early returns were foretelling, a defeat of incumbent president, Harry Truman, was all but guaranteed.  So much so, that 150,000 first edition copies of the Chicago Tribune were printed with the now notorious headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."  There were two big problems with this.  The headlines were printed based on prediction and not on what really would happen.  It was based on what seemed like the inevitable death of the current presidency.  Problem number two, at least for the Tribune, and Mr. Dewey, Truman was reelected, and took great pride in showcasing, forever to be remembered in print, the headline that proved it was possible to come back from the dead, to never be counted out just because of the way things look.

So has been the case many times in our own lives.  Right?  Because this "thing" that is so precious that you've been praying for now seems dead, there's no reason to continue to bother Jesus anymore about it.  You've prayed and believed, but nothing seems to be happening.  I must just not be meant to be.  This seems to be our mindset so many times.  But, the thing we miss, is that unless God Himself has closed the door, that is exactly when  we should be "bothering" Jesus.  Because, that's when our faith is required for a supernatural miracle that we could not do on our own, nor take credit for on our own.

Our faith must be tested, or it's not faith.  This is how we know, and how God knows how sincere we are about what we say we're believing for.  We must be determined to be motivated by, convinced by, persuaded by, and confident in Him without seeing, verses a feeling that is inconsistent and based on circumstances.  Sometimes, there are going to be some special things that God wants for us in our lives, that He's going to allow to "die" in order to see how bad we want them, and how passionate we are to pursue Him, and believe Him, in spite of what we may or may not be seeing.  Trust Him and be confident, that even if He allows something to die in your life, He will reveal to you that His promise for you is not bound by death.  He is life, and in Him, you will have life to the fullest!

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