Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ready Now!

"Don't you have a saying, 'It's still four months until harvest?'  I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for harvest'" (John 4:35).

Later.  It's a word that seems like magic.  Say this simple 5-letter word, and immediate responsibility begins to melt away like ice cream in the summer.  We apply this word to so many things.  We'll pay that bill later.  We'll clean out the garage later.  We'll spend more time with the kids later.  We'll get that paper done, finish reading that book (or start reading that book)...but we'll do it later.  Oh, and people that we know we should share with about the most amazing and transformational journey that has led us to Christ?  Yes.  It's important.  We should do it.  But, we have time.  They're not ready.  We'll do it...later.

Jesus addressed this timeless mindset in His own day.  He used an illustration that He knew they'd understand.  There would be a great tendency and temptation to be so routine, that they might even miss something as great as a harvest!  Jesus was speaking in regards to those society had prejudiced, but yet He had already proclaimed the love of God for the whole world that "whosoever" would believe could receive.  This was the story of the woman at the well.  She was one that society prohibited Him to talk to.  He, however, saw something deeper.  He saw a longing and a true "thirsting" for something more real than she had ever known.  This woman was ready.  Her community was ready.  But, the harvest being ready to be received demanded the same from those to receive it.

The harvest is ready now!  Why should we be intimidated?  Open your eyes and ask the Lord of the Harvest to let you see what He sees.  We must not depend merely on the latest strategies, statistics, tactics and processes, but on a faith that God is drawing people by His Holy Spirit to receive the greatest transformation in their lives that they've ever known.  Don't miss that.  It is now.  Are we ready?  Are you ready?  Determine even now that you will see the harvest in your family, in your workplace, in your school, in your community!  Who is God placing upon your heart, even now?  The harvest begins with the one!

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