Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live It Out Loud!

"'And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning'" (John 15:27).

Jesus emphasized to His disciples that the time they had spent together was never intended to be a private for exclusive club.  This was never meant to be a "secret society."  They had a responsibility to testify of all they had seen and learned since the beginning of their journey with Him.  They "jury" would be ready to hear the testimony.  They jury would be every person that they would interact with in life.  They would be observed, heard, and a judgment call would be made based on that testimony.  Silence would do nothing to solidify their belief in who Jesus was and is.

What Jesus has done in our lives was never intended to be isolated, hidden, or private.  He uses us to declare His glory, and to tell the story of how He's come through in our lives; how He's been there when we've been all alone; and how He's helped pick us up and hold us together when we've felt as though everything was falling apart.  Our lives are to be living billboards.  We are to live to proclaim.  We are to search out opportunities and recognize those that God searches out for us.

Our call is to "live it out loud!"  It's not an option.  It will cost us: comfort, friends, opinions, and more.  But, God has done too much in our lives, whether we realize or admit it or not, from the "beginning" for us not to tell.  For many of us, He's rescued us, accepted us, been a Father to us.  He's been our hope, are provision, our way-maker and so much more.  It should be our privilege, but it is also our duty to share it with others what we have seen Him do in our own lives.

So, let me ask you: what has He done in you?  Has He ever gotten you through something so incredible, that you look back and know that He was right there with you?  Has He forgiven you?  Given you a fresh start?  Your life is a living billboard.  What does it say?  What does it tell others about Jesus?

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