Friday, May 6, 2011


"'Nazareth!  Can anything good come from there?' Nathanael asked.  'Come and see,' said Philip" (John 1:46).

 In 2009, the world was swept away by an odd woman of Scottish residence.  She walked onto the stage of a Britain's Got Talent audition, told the audience, one that would extend around the word, that she aspired to be a famous singer.  She didn't look the part.  She was frumpy, messy, and had an personality that could best be described as "odd."  The audience laughed at her, and the judges had rendered there verdict before the music ever began.  But when she opened her mouth to sing, the world according to YouTube would never be the same again.  No longer was she an unknown from Scotland.  She was Susan Boyle.  Judged.  But the verdict didn't stand.  She had made her mark.

Jesus, Himself, faced stereotypes, prejudice, and bias.  Here, he was being judged on a preconceived first impression.  Before Nathanael even took the time to consider who Jesus actually was, he had already formed a biased opinion.  Philip's response was contrary to what has become so natural today.  He did not get defensive, sarcastic, upset, or resort to name-calling or futile arguments.  He simply said, "come and see."  He didn't try to explain it all.  As a matter of fact, he was just trying to know more, too.  He didn't get offended or upset.  "Come and see."  He made Nathanael curious.  And, that's all it took.

Did you know that you don't have to debate and argue your belief's?  Nor do you need to try to convince someone as to why they need Jesus.  That's never been your responsibility!  Your goal is that your life would make them curious, no matter the stereotypes that may be formed against you or about you.  You want people to know that there is something good (honorable, reputable, distinguished) about Jesus.

Choose to live today and each day in a manner that invites, "come and see."  "Come and see what Jesus has done in me.  I may not completely understand Him, nor be able to adequately explain Him, but nevertheless, 'Come and see.'"  Though you may be judged by public opinion, stereotypes, and first impressions, know that the only responsibility you have in Christ, is to BE one that Christ lives IN and lives THROUGH.  You will either live to be judged by people's pride, or live to be judged by God's grace.  The choice is yours.  Live it out and make them curious.  And after they've heard you "sing" your lifesong to Jesus, the world, one person at a time, will never be the same.

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