Monday, May 16, 2011

i [Am NOT] Robot

"'No one ever spoke the way this man does,' the guards declared" (John 7:46).

Back a few years ago, there was a movie that literally invaded the box office called i.ROBOT.  It was an exhilarating film that showed the "advantages" of a world where robots would replace humans.  In a different sense, I have thought at various times of my life as a child and now as an adult, what would it be like if we were just robots.  Think about it.  Programmed correctly, we would never worry about doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, or having a wrong thought.  As a matter of fact, we wouldn't really be capable of any least not one that wasn't already programmed.  What trouble we would certainly avoid.  Decisions would easier, mistakes would become a thing of the past, and all pain could be avoided simply because it wouldn't be in the design of the program.  How amazing.  How tragic!

In this passage in John, religious leaders had instructed the guard to arrest Jesus, to form and pass a judgment on Him.  This "judgement" would be based on the word of someone else.  They were to do nothing more and nothing less than follow orders.  But, when the guards heard Jesus speak, and actually listened to Him with both their ears and their hearts, they began to judge for themselves.  They were not robots.  They were capable of making an informed decision on who this man was and who He was not.

SO many people form opinions for or against Jesus based on other people's biases, passions, prejudices, or traditions.  The purest position is one that is made based on a personal decision that resonates from an open heart, and that seeks the truth for themselves.

I don't serve Jesus because I was raised to.  I don't worship Him because I was born into it, or because of what my relatives may or may not have done.  I was raised to know Him, and was told about Him, but was has changed my life, is that i have heard Him, personally, speak to my heart.  For me, it's not just a position.  It's personal.

God did not create us as robots, because a robot cannot choose.  If a relationship is to be real and authentic, it must be based upon choice.  Choice by it very nature, is based on free-will.  So the question is simple:  Why do YOU worship Jesus?  Why do YOU NOT worship Jesus?  Is it because of what people have said or how you've observed others?  Though influences are important and they matter, don't be persuaded or dissuaded based on people.  Ask Jesus to show you Himself!  He will.  And THEN you will find that He is the peace, the joy, the fulfillment, and everything that you've always needed.  You're not a robot.  You have a choice.  Your choice?

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