Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Hardest to See

"Jesus answered, 'Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time?'"
(John 14:9).

In 1972, there was a song that was written for Patti Labelle, in which she passed it over.  It was then given to Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes featuring the late Teddy Pendergrass.  The song, though recorded in the 1970's, has been re-recorded and covered by other artists, and has had a following in every decade since.  The infamous lyrics are those that find there way lingering in one's mind, being sung over and over again, though the rest of the song just fades away.  Those lyrics?  "If you don't know me by will never, never, never know me..."

How amazing it is that we could ever be in the presence and company of someone we love, or say we love, and still miss who they really are.  In John 14, Philip was asking Jesus a question in regards to "seeing the Father."  Jesus had just told them that if they had seen Him, then they had seen the Father, yet Philip still asks Jesus to show them the Father.  Jesus responds by challenging all the time He had poured into Philip's life, and yet Philip didn't "know" Him?

Is it possible that we can spend time in our relationship with Christ and still be missing what He's trying to show us?  Everything is not always so black and white, as we seem to understand it.  Sometimes the hardest things to see is what is right in front of our eyes.  In our relationship with Christ, we must seek to get to know Him in ways we've never known before - to pursue constant and passionate intimacy with Jesus.

Our time with Jesus should mean something; to be so close to Him that we think like He thinks and talk like He talks.  Let your focus be to learn from Him, to pick up the "little" things He's showing you.  Don't miss out on anything that should be part of the fruit of intimacy He longs to have with you!  Take some time, even now, to talk to Him.  Tell Him what's going on.  Yes, He already knows, but as you open your heart to Him, He will begin to show Himself more to you!  He will comfort you, guide you, challenge you, but show you how to move on.  Open the Bible, and the let the words that were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God inspire you, too.  Learn from His Word.  Develop a love for His truth.  Choose to live it out.  Don't miss what's right before you!

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