Monday, May 30, 2011


"Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.  As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world" (John 17:17-18).

As a veteran in the United States Army, I have a deep appreciation for all of our men and women who have served and who are serving now in our armed forces.  I remember very clearly in 1996 when I enlisted in the US Army.  I traveled to South Carolina to engage in the "best of times and worst of times" of basic training in the mugginess of basic training in the summer.  Of the many lessons that were "drilled" in us, one continues to resonate withing the caverns of my mind: "Always remember the equipment you have been given.  Being well-equipped could mean the difference between life and death."  That lesson far surpasses serving in the military.  It is a lesson that helps us in our everyday lives.  It's also a lesson with great spiritual connotations and significance.

In the same way, God never sends us out to do anything without making sure He has equipped us with everything we need.  Before He sends out His disciples to carry on the mission He has begun, He asks the Father to sanctify them - to purify, consecrate, and to make them holy - with the Word of Truth.  Jesus understood that the disciples would never be ready to "go" if they first weren't "going" to the Word - to be challenged, convicted, cleansed, and changed!

The same is true with you an I.  If we're not in the Word of God on a consistent basis, then we are too ill-equipped  and unprepared, and will be ineffective to be sent on the mission that is closest to God's heart.  It is important that we don't allow this truth to escape us.  Busyness is not excuse for not being consistent in maintaining a daily, healthy appetite for the truth of God's Word.  Everything God has called us to do and everywhere He has called us to go will only ever be effective if we remain diligent in studying the applicable truth of the Bible.  His Word is "a lamp" for our feet, and a "light" to our path.

As you begin or continue your day today, take some time to read again the truth of God's Word.  The Bible says that we are to hide His word in our hearts, that we might not sin against Him.  Life is a journey with a path that leads to the will of God.  But understand this: we can go where He sends when we know what He says.  In His Word, we are equipped.

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