Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alone With God

"Then Jesus went up on a mountain side and sat down with His disciples" (John 6:3).

Have you ever noticed how jam-packed and full everyday life can get?  Sometimes it gets so full that it's a like the garbage bag that you try to get "one more thing" in, only to try to get even one more in, just to find out the bag can only stretch so far.  Now, you have everything you thought was contained all over you and everything around you.  There are days when that is life!

The disciples of Jesus began to grow in a deeper knowledge and understanding of that same truth.  Life is full, and not always of the "good stuff."  In this verse we find that there was a great crowd of people that had been following Jesus and the disciples.But, before they engaged in the ministry to the people, they first went up to the mountain and spent time with Jesus.  The ministry would wait.  The people would wait.  The opportunity would wait.  The disciples had determined to make spending time with Jesus, whom they would call Lord, Master, and Teacher, a priority that would become a non-negotiable.

Spending time with Jesus would prepare them for all that He wanted to do before them, through them, and at the same time, in them.  Nothing could ever replace or compare to that mountain-time.  How silly the disciples would have been if they had rushed in to do the "right thing" without spending the "right time" with the "right One?"

We can never let "life" get in the way of spending time with the giver and redeemer of life!  There is no job, meeting, event, ministry, or hobby that we will ever do that will be as valuable as what Jesus wants to do in our lives, as individual, when we set aside time just with Him on the "mountain," sitting at the feet of Jesus , and allowing Him to pour His truth and guidance into our lives, refreshing us with encouragement, and preparing us further for the road He has set before us.

You may not be able to get up to a mountain top, but the reality still exists that, each day, you need time alone with God.  Take some time to read His Word.  Think about it; meditate on it.  Pray.  Take the time to begin a dialogue with the Creator of the entire Universe, all that is within it, and all that is beyond it.  He is available, approachable, and awaits you!  Allow Him to embrace you, prepare you, and to walk with you as you purpose to spend "mountain time" with Him.

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