Friday, April 22, 2011

You are the Temple

"...we will not neglect the house of our God" (Nehemiah 10:39).

Driving through any large city, and sometimes some small ones, your eyes might catch the sight of a beautiful edifice that you discover is a temple of religious worship.  Some of them can really be incredible to behold.  So much care is taken to maintain the look and the appearance of such a place.  To honor the temple is to honor the god who is the object of worship in that temple.  To allow it to even have the appearance of being not taken care of would reflect poorly, not only upon their worship of their god, but upon their god as well.

This had been Israel's problem.  They had been so focused on thier own wants, desires, and passions, that they neglected to honor God and His temple.  Here, they were making a new and renewed committment, both individually and as a anation to not repeat that same mistake.  How similar it is in contemporary times.  Although God no longer dwells in temples contructed by human hands, He lives you and I.  We are His temple.  But, so much focus is still spent on pursuing our own aspirations that we fail to focus on worshipping Him with the whole of our lives.

You are a temple.  You are the house of God.  You can't afford to neglect that temple.  You have to make a priority of keeping it strong physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Each day, I, must reexamine my own heart and check again on how I am taking care of that temple.  Am I honoring Go by how I am maintaining this temple?  Am I spending time with Him, allowing Him to invest in the strength of this temple?  Israel neglected the House of God.  We are the house of God.  The more we remember that, the more challenged we are to live our whole lives as a song of worship before Him.  He is our God, the God of this temple, the object of our worship.

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