Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Than Just A Job

"Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall.  All my men were assembled there for the work; we did not acquire any land"
(Nehemiah 5:16).

Many times in leadership, the leader uses their authority for personal gain, whether it's for self-esteem, power, financial or otherwise.  In the movie, The Proposal, Margaret Tate, a New York City editor of a well known publishing company, is a wheeler and dealer.  At the same time, she is rude, self-serving, manipulative, and greatly disliked.  People fear her but they do not respect her.  She works over her people, but not with them.  She likes power and doesn't mind letting people know about it.

Nehemiah, too, had attained position.  The king had appointed him as governor over the area they were now rebuilding.  But rather than taken advantage of his people, he chose to lead, not by edict, but by example.  He was devoted to the work of rebuilding the wall.  It was not just a job.  It was a passion.  It was a deep-seeded conviction.  He fastened himself to see this city that been destroyed, revived.  He worked alongside his men together to see this come to reality.  He wasn't worried that they would see him as in charge.  He was confident in position, but he was motivated by his passion.

Personally, I was not called to a job.  I was called to a purpose, and one that is so much bigger than me.  What I do is not for financial riches, self-fulfillment, or for status in anyone's eyes.  I am devoted to the vision that God has called me to.  My purpose in life is to lead by example and to honor God in all that I do.

Are you happy in what you do?  Maybe you're not excited about going to work each day.  Perhaps you can't stand your boss, your position, or your pay.  OR, maybe you're one of those who has a great paying job and you have position that entitles you to a certain amount of authority.  Either way, understand this.  What you do does NOT define who you are.  You are a servant of Almighty God.  In all that you do, do as unto HIM, to glorify HIM, as a reflection of HIM, and as worship to HIM.  What you do is more than just a job.  It's an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus.  It's a season in which He is shaping you in spite of the weaknesses He sees in you.  Allow what you do to be a worship song to the Lord, not because you enjoy it, but because you are committed to honoring Him wherever you are and in whatever you do.

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