Friday, April 1, 2011

Leading Them All

"So David left Gath and escaped to the cave of Adullam.  Soon his brothers and other relatives joined him there.  Then others began coming - men who were in trouble or in debt or who were just discontented - until David was the leader of about 400 men"
(1 Samuel 22:1-2).

David was called to be the leader of a great nation.  But here he was, surrounded by a group that consisted of outcasts, those that were overwhelmed with bitterness, distress, discouragement, and grief.  This may not have seemed like the all-star cast he may have dreamed of the day he discovered that he was "king-in-waiting."  But, this is who God gave him.  What he did from there would determine what kind of leader he would be.

What David realized, is the same truth that exists today.  People are crying out for a leader that can help show them something good that is at least as real as the pain in their lives.  They've been shut out, neglected, and rejected because of their lack of "having it all together."  They are desperate to see that they DO have a place of security and stability.  And they are longing for someone to see that in them.

It is so easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with certain people when it comes to those that need a leader.  Certain ones seem to drain the very life out of you, and at times, you can find yourself cynical, sarcastic, and completely opposite of what God has intended.  Sheep need a shepherd and not all sheep are perfect.  We still have spots and blemishes and are in need of love.  Some days, as shepherds/leaders, we're going to smell a bit more like sheep!  And that's OK!

Who has God put in your life?  It may not be the ones you would have picked.  But think of this:  GOD PICKED YOU!  Embrace the opportunity for God to use you in the lives of others!

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