Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hidden Picture

"As the Philistine rulers were leading out their troops in groups of one hundred and one thousand, David and his men marched at the rear with King Achish.  But the Philistine commanders demanded, 'What are these Hebrews doing here?'" (1 Samuel 29:2-3).

When I was in elementary school, we used to be challenged with pictures like the one you see here.  At first glance, you see a woman dressed in a coat walking past a large tree in what appears to be a park.  But as you look close, really close, you begin to see what really is there.  You see a face.  Once you see it, it's hard to miss.  No matter how many times you like at the picture, that face is still there.  Even though it's "hidden" and it's a part of so much else that's going on, it still remains.

So it was with David.  In trying to take matters into his own hands, he had "crossed over" to the other side.  Even there, he was still seen as a threat.  Though he had pledged his allegiance, it was still evident as to who he was.  He was David, the anointed one of God to be the next king of Israel.  He was the one who had cut the head off of their infamous champion and led the Hebrews to defeat them.  There was still a call and anointing on his life.  Though he had lost some of his faith in that calling, it was still valid and was recognized by the Philistines.  David could run from the situation, but he was still saturated in the calling that God had placed upon his life.

If there is an anointing on our lives, God is faithful to pursue us.  We are a threat to the enemy.  There are times when we get discouraged and don't recognize that calling anymore.  We see the obstacles, we feel the pain, we feel lost in the confusion, but the enemy still sees us as a threat.  Even when we feel that we've lost it all, as long as we are hanging on to Jesus, we still have a power that is within us that is greater than anything that can stand against us!

In 2009 I had the awesome privilege of meeting an amazing man, Nick Vujicic.  He's giant of a man, though you may miss it with your eyes.  He is a man without any legs and without any arms, yet he is one who has refused to allow discouragement to redefine who God has already called him to be.  No longer a "hidden picture," he makes it clear who he is and who God has called him to be.  In spite of his physical limitations, his heart's cry is unmistakably heard: "I want to be the guy who finds the gates of hell, stands there boldly, and redirects traffic!"

Don't let discouragement, depression, fear, your current situation or state of mind try to redefine who God has already called you to be.  Inside each of us is a hidden picture.  There's what WE see, and there's what God sees.  Allow Him to bring out in you what He sees rather than you focusing on what you see.  Don't run from the calling God has for you.  Your life in His hands will go further, be more blessed, and march more victoriously than in your own hands.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing and encouraging word! It needs to be out there for all the world to read. Oh, yeah, it is, but it needs to be where more people WILL see it. God has such an amazing plan and purpose for each of our lives. Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Ann P.