Saturday, April 16, 2011


"Meanwhile, the people in Judah said, "The strength of the laborers is giving out, and there is so much rubble that we cannot rebuild the wall" (Nehemiah 4:10).

Have you ever been so excited about something, throw yourself into it, and then find yourself so overwhelmed at how far away you really are to achieving the goal you had set?  We all know what happens next.  Discouragement sneaks in when no one else is looking and begins to take over where ambition had once been.

With Nehemiah and his team, discouragement was beginning to set in.  Discouragement has a unique and strategic way of crippling a dream.  It causes you to see what you once saw as an opportunity, now as an obstacle, and not just one.  It causes you to be more aware, not of what you've done, but of all that is still left to do.  And you begin to realize how tired you, and the stream-lined focus you once had has begun its rapid descent from the hopeful and limitless skies into the depths of the valleys of despair.

Everyone faces discouragement.  It happens.  It's not the discouragement that becomes the greater issue, but how we deal with it.  When we face discouragement, we have to remember that there is an enemy that feels threatened by what we're about and Who's kingdom we're working to advance, and what that means to our enemy.  We may get discouraged, but we are not defeated.

You must believe that you are more than an overcomer.  You are victorious in Jesus Christ, when you have chosen to allow Him to be the master and ruler over your life.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  You don't have stay discouraged.  You are called.  You are His.

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