Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clean Out

"I gave orders to purify the rooms, and then I put back into them the equipment of the house of God, with the grain offerings and the incense" (Nehemiah 13:9).

This was Nehemiah's response to the discovery that an enemy had been occupying sacred space.  Upon that revelation, he had this enemy who had been seeking his destruction expelled, and then began the process of reconciling and restoring that space back to how God had intended it.  The same is true in our lives spiritually.  There is an enemy that seeks to halt the purpose of God in our lives.  Whatever that vice is, it must be recognized, repented of, removed, and begin to move towards to restoration.

We cannot afford to aid and abed the enemy of our God in any way, form, or fashion.  We cannot compromise or justify any deviation from the path God has called us.  And when we do, we must be quick to recognize whatever struggle or sin that abides, then remove it without question.  We cannot afford to justify, make excuses for, or to continue to coexist with anything that is contrary to the purity of Who God is.  Then, we must repent, reconcile with God, and be restored by God.  Our lives is the sacred space that God longs to indwell.  He is a passionate God and will not share that space with another.

How's your relationship with God?  Is there a space in your life that has been compromised?  Are there areas within you that have gone unchecked?  Have you begun to justify attitudes, make excuses for actions?  Don't allow what God has created to be sacred, you, to become soiled.  Allow Him to redeem it.  Recognize those areas.  Repent before Him.  Remove them by expelling all links to that which holds you back.  And, move towards the restoration God desires for your life.  Don't wait.  Don't settle for less than freedom.  It's time to clean out.


Timothy said...

Thank you Chris,for your very heartfelt and Biblically correct,words of encouragement/admonishment to "clean out" what places in our hearts,that have been compromised by the world.

I would like to know what areas you have recognized in your own life, and how God gave you the victory.

I hear your passion for God and the things of God, but what you spoke of is a whole process,that yes we must deal with,but how does that work itself out in our day to day lives?

Life is truly a journey, and the only way to go through itsuccessfully, is to walk each day, with our humble,tender,pure,holy,graceful,merciful God,who knows our dust and stains.

Pastor Chris-CC said...

Thanks Tim for your comment. It is a constant priority. It must be. Here in the past 6 months, God really began to deal with me on some self-control issues in my life. They may seem silly to some, but to me I was at a place to where they could have become more. I believe that if we don't have self-control in one area of our lives, it can...and will...begin to filter over into other areas. For me it involved eating, being lazy, watching too much television, etc...

1. I had to recognize that it was in the way. It took my attention, energy and focus off what and WHO is most important.

2. I had to separate myself from the areas or habits that were causing me to fail. In some cases I cut off completely and in others I brought in balance and healthy limitation.

3. I needed to replace the void that was left by THOSE things with HIM. He (Christ) is the author and perfecter of my faith! He has to fulfill me. Self control is part of the FRUIT of the Spirit. If that's true (it is), then I must be rooted in Him. For me, I began to use that time to blog, to pray more, to journal, and to begin writing a book! I also used that time and EXTRA ENERGY (losing weight gives lots of extra energy) to spend with my family!