Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Message @ CrossWay

God has not called us to live lives of isolation or loneliness. He has called us together to live a life of relationships.

Relationships are Modeled. The Trinity of God is the greatest example of the purity of relationships. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit working and living infinitely together. Jesus was "eager" to spend time with His disciples, even on the night of His betrayal. Relationships were a priority to Him, and He modeled that.

Relationships are Reflective. We are called to mirror the relationships that are modeled. We are better together, and our relationship with God should be so passionate that it spills over into our relationship with each other. How we love each other will show others how we love Jesus...and it will show them how He loves.

Relationships are Strategic. Solid relationships don't just happen. They are ON PURPOSE. We are called to be strategically involved with those that God has crossed our paths with. It's not about going to church, but being the church. We are to be ONE as Jesus and the Father are ONE. We can't be one, if we live in the mindset of being two. When we choose not to engage in relationships, actively pursuing to be a part of the family of God, we not living as one, but as two. God has called us to more.

On the cross, Jesus gave Himself because of His love. We are, too, to give ourselves to one another out of that same love. And really does change everything!

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