Monday, March 21, 2011

Qualities of a Leader

"When the messengers came to Gibeah, Saul's hometown, and told the people about their plight, everyone broke into tears.  Saul was plowing in the field, and when he returned to town, he asked, 'What's the matter?  Why is everyone crying?'  So they told him about he message from Jabesh"
(1 Samuel 11:4-5).

It doesn't take much in our society to see how position can change people.  One of the easiest places to look is to the political scene.  There are people, believing in their convictions, having a passion to be a catalyst for change, get voted into office.  After a time, the temptation to do and say whatever it takes to stay into office becomes more than many can resist.  So many have allowed position to change them from who they were that helped get them to that position.  What it takes to get there is what it takes to stay there.  This is true in every area of our lives.  We are all leaders.  We are all influencers.  We are all called to uphold a standard that continues to perseveringly honor God.  For HE is the One that takes us there, and we must depend upon Him to be the One to keep us there.

When the messengers came and gave Saul unfavorable news, he was plowing the field.  He was the king.  He didn't immediately pawn everything off on others because of his position.  He was a servant.  He was sympathetic.  As king, he came a soldier, to fight for the people God had given him.

As a believers in Jesus, we need to remember who we are in Him.  We also must remember who we are not. We are servants - if it weren't for people, our calling as Christians would be ineffective.  Our lives would be dull and empty.  God has called us to each other, to love each other, and to serve each other.  We must also be sympathetic - our hearts must be open  and sensitive to what's going on in the hearts and lives of those around us.  Finally, we are soldiers - it's our calling to stand up and fight on behalf of those around us.  People all around us are fighting battles, but we must determine that they will not fight alone.  We stand with them, fight with them, and sometimes fight for them.

This is what a leader is, and out of that, this is what a leader does.  It's something I reflect on each day.  As a leader, do you see yourself as a servant, or one waiting to be served?  Are you sympathetic, or do you stay so focused on yourself that you miss the people around you?  Are you a soldier?  Are you standing up with those God has crossed your path with, to either fight with or fight for?  I thank God, as a leader, that there are other leaders who are doing this with me.  I can't do it alone.  None of us can.

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