Friday, March 4, 2011


"There were some who said to themselves indignantly, "Why was the ointment wasted like that?" (Mark 14:4).

This verse is part of a powerful passage that speaks to the great compassion and mercy of Jesus. It's about a woman who had developed a reputation of being anything but reputable. She was a disgrace to the highly inflated standards of their culture. She represented everything that they believed to be wrong with society, while at the same time sitting there drenched in the stink of their own hypocrisy. This woman comes and breaks open a costly, priceless bottle of perfume and begins to pour it out on Jesus. There are comments, criticisms, mockery, and resentment that is shared in the open.

They couldn't understand why this woman would "waste" this costly oil. Or, why Jesus would allow such waste. But, what they couldn't see was what this oil had really cost her - all of the pain, the humility and humiliation, the rejection, the being seen as devalued, dejected, and disdained in the eyes of the people. This oil had cost her much, and she was pouring it out on Jesus.

There are many things that God has allowed in my own life. Many of which I could never understand how a loving God would allow. But, I have come to a place in my own life to thank Him. Because, He hasn't wasted one thing that He's allowed in my life. He has used all of these things to bring me to where I am, and will use those things to take me on to where He wants me to be. God doesn't waste, He uses.

Satan has a plan for your life; to destroy you, to lie to you, to harm you, to mislead you. But, God has always been at least one step ahead with a plan that is so sovereign, that it takes into consideration every failure, tragedy, misstep, mistake, and betrayal. But, God can use it. Don't ever feel as though what you've been through defines who you are. No. Let God redefine what you've been through. What Satan meant to harm you with, God's not only going to bless you, but bless through you! So, go ahead. Thank Him. Not just for the circumstance, but for what He's going to do in spite of that circumstance. God doesn't waste anything. It's priceless.

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