Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Than Strength Alone

"He will protect His Godly ones, but the wicked will perish in darkness. No one will succeed by strength alone" (1 Samuel 2:9).

No one will succeed by strength alone. So many people try to make things happen on their own strength, by their own will, and to serve their own passions. They wear out and become discouraged when the results fall short of the intended goal. Our strength was only designed to take us so far. it was never intended to take us all the way. We need something more than just our own ideas, motivation, determination, or will. We need Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit.

We can not do this life on our own. When we try to drive on the fumes of good ideas and good intentions, we will most definitely run out of the fuel of the the anointing of His Holy Spirit and power. We can't focus on strategies, good ideas, and great methods, alone. We must focus on the Giver of these things. We need to surrender ourselves to our source, and to receive His strength for the journey.

Be reminded today of not just what you really need, but who you really need. Because, when you come to grips with that reality, the "what you need" is more than supplied by the "who you need." Don't forget, the WHO is greater than the WHAT. And alone, you don't have even THAT!

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