Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling Inadequate

"So they asked the LORD, 'Where is he?'  And the LORD replied, 'He is hiding among the baggage.'  So they found him and brought him out, and he stood head and shoulders above anyone else.  Then Samuel said to the all the people, 'This is the man the LORD has chosen as your king.  No one in all Israel is his equal!'  And all the people shouted, 'Long live the king!'"
 (1 Samuel 11:22-24).

Have you ever felt as though you just didn't measure up to the responsibility, calling, or opportunity that you were faced with?  There are people who are called and anointed to do something for the Lord, but are so given to insecurity and fear that they'd rather hide with the "baggage."  Their fear doesn't allow them to see what God sees.  Saul stood head and shoulders over everyone and there was no equal to him in all Israel.  But he couldn't see it, and found it difficult to trust God's calling.

It's interesting to see that, in his inadequacy and his insecurity, he hid behind the baggage.  All the feelings that he had about being the least, about his family being the smallest, about not being good enough...these emotions were rooted in his past.  This had become his "baggage."  When God was calling him forward, he hid behind his baggage.

We must always remember that it is God's calling and God's anointing on our lives that calls us beyond the baggage.  Even when we cannot see what He seeing, we must rust Him.  We can't compare ourselves to others or to our own expectation of what we think we should be.  We must trust His calling and the power of His anointing.


Shirah! said...
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Shirah! said...

Great post!
You are so right that we must trust the anointing!

The fear of man leads to hiding baggage that breeds inadquate feelings to serve God faithfully. [Gal 1:10]

By knowing our God we will be strong and do great exploits [Daniel 11:32]