Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even So...

"But the people refused to listen to Samuel's warning.  'Even so, we still want a king,' they said" (1 Samuel 8:19).

Years ago, I had a staffing need that I needed to fill.  I had this awesome idea to give a chance to someone who I knew would love the opportunity.  They had the passion.  They had the desire.  I knew them.  It seemed perfect.  I assumed they were the answer to the prayer I hadn't quite yet prayed!  Something inside me told me that it might not be the right thing.  I simply excused it as "butterflies" and moved ahead.  I had a need for someone.  I wanted them.  This must be God.  So, I did.  Within six months, it became evident that this was not the best decision and there were some consequences to pay.  There was some personal credibility that I had forfeited.  I soon realized that what I mistakenly referred to as "butterflies" was actually the voice of the Holy Spirit.  My response at the time?  "Even so..."

Even when people know that what they're doing is the "right way to the wrong place," they can still be so ever-determined to go ahead anyway.  Israel heard the warning from someone they highly respected, and knew that he heard from God.  Yet, they still wanted what they wanted.  Their stubbornness was so set, that their hearts were hard and didn't even truly hear the warning.  Even so...

How essential it is, that our daily focus is on God, and that we are so devoted to His heart and to His call on our lives that our desires for Him would be stronger than any other desire we would ever have.  Don't be one of those who hears the warning and decides to just say, "Even so..." and move ahead with what we want.

Take time today, even right now, and ask God to guide you, to show you He is directing you, and where you may have gone off course.  Submit your desires to Him.  Determine that HIS ways are higher than yours, and that His desire for you is much better than any desire you could ever have for yourself.

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