Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dealing with Conflict

"Saul hurled his spear at David in an attempt to kill him.  Nut David dodged out of the way and escaped into the night, learning the speak stuck int the wall"
(1 Samuel 19:10).

Conflict is a part of life.  It's not a result of differing opinions, perspectives, or ideals.  It's a matter of pride.  Saul couldn't stand the thought of David being acclaimed more than himself.  After all, he was the king.  He was to be the pride of the people, not this shepherd boy, harp playing, kid.  His pride got the best of his emotions and so he lashed out.  He allowed his insecurity, his frustration, and his heightened emotions to rule where his heart for God should have been in control.

There are times that we will find ourselves in a similar position as David. We will find ourselves hurt, disappointed, let down, betrayed, attacked, and grieved.  At times, we will even feel as though the offense is intentional, like spears being thrown right at us with the intention of bring destruction.  David, knowing he had done nothing wrong, chose to continue of blamelessness.  He refused to allow his pride to justify retaliation in like manner.  He chose not to defend, but instead, to honor a man who had been anointed by God.  He chose to honor God by not taking matters into his own hands.

It's difficult when our emotions, our efforts, or our ideas take a beating, when we fell as though spears are being hurled at us.  We need to look and learn from David's example.  The spear was thrown, but He didn't let it "stick" to him.  He didn't remove the spear and send it sailing back.  He removed himself from the situation.  He responded in a way that honored God.

Be encouraged today to not allow your emotions to take control, or your pride to justify avenging yourself because of the hurt that someone else inflicted.  Throwing spears is not the way that Christ is honored when it comes to conflict resolution.  Don't forget, Saul and David were actually on the same side.  The conflict was within one of them, and David chose not to take that conflict on himself.  Choose to honor God by honoring those you're in conflict with.

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