Saturday, February 12, 2011

...Who Lacks Self-Control

"Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control" (Proverbs 25:28).

The walls of a city represented strength and security. When they were broken down, it represented both vulnerability and shame. They were more open to attacks and further destruction, because their broken walls robbed them of their ability to be full alert and aware.

So it is with self-control. Self-control is a strength. It is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It's definitely one of those things that sometimes I wish wasn't available. Sound strange? Well, think about it. How many times have you ever said, "I couldn't help it!" or "you made me so mad"? Being that self-control IS available and NOT optional, those statements are no good!

When we choose to live outside of self-control, we find ourselves in greater trouble. Whether it has to do with eating, time-management, relationships with people, our money, or the words and tones that come out of our mouths, we are at a much greater risk of destruction when the walls of self-control are not strongly surrounding the city of our lives. Therefore, we must be alert and aware, and continue to strengthen that wall and not allow anything to compromise the integrity of that strength.

So, how's the wall? Ask God to help you in that area of self-control. But, be prepared to face some "testing exercises" that He will allow in order for you to be stretched and strengthened!

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