Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Tight Grip

"...and implored Him that they might touch even the fringe of His garment. And as many as touched it were made well" (Mark 6:56).

The summer my daughter was almost three, we found out something very important and very quick. We have a pool in our back yard. It's an above ground pool that's 4 feet deep. She was so excited to go swimming for the first time in our pool. I put on a flotation type bathing suit, lifted her over and put her in the water. In less than 2 seconds, she began to scream! "Daddy!! I'M WET!!!" Ok, so much for the water. Later that summer, I was able to get her in the water, but this time I went in with her. She gripped so tightly to me that I thought I might pass out! But, she was OK...she was holding, clinging to, and fastening herself to Daddy.

Mark 5 gives us a similar picture. People had heard the testimonies of how others had touch Him, even the edge of His clothes, and power was released to restore them. This word touch was not just a mere "touch and go." The word "touch" here describes this idea of clinging, fastening, gripping hold for dear life. They implored Him, cried out to Him, begged Him, pleaded with Him. They were desperate to grab hold of this life-changing man who was Emmanuel - God with them!

It's not enough just to be in His presence. We're always in His presence. We can't escape it (Psalm 139). But, we need to be in a constant attitude of desperation to reach out, press in, and grab hold of Him. THAT'S WHEN we will truly experience the release of His anointing, His healing, His restoration, and His revelation. And, as we live each day, testifying to how grasping hold of Christ is changing our lives, others will be compelled to implore Him and to grasp hold of Him, too.

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Tom said...

When I grasp for God's hand, it is there waiting for me. He is always watching as described pn Ps 121.