Friday, February 4, 2011

EHCA Students Only!

Well guys, what an awesome week! I so enjoyed spending time with you, praying with you, worshiping with you, and hopefully challenging you. I especially enjoyed seeing you pursue God with EXPONENTIAL intensity. Since we missed a day because of snow, we got one day behind with what I believe God gave me to, here it is. Don't worry, much shorter here!!!


Pastor Chris-CC said...

This is a response to a previous comment that is now removed. To SOS: please feel free to email at I am removing your post, not because I think it is true or am ashamed of it, but I cannot promote the language, nor the hatred, that was communicated. Please feel free to make personal contact with me, and I'd be happy to hear you and to share with you how Christ has TOTALLY changed my life. I am truly sorry if you have been hurt by people of "faith" in the past that have diluted the purity of Christ's intent with their hypocrisy. Jesus dealt with the same problem in His day. I hope to make contact with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Gibbs I would really like to thank you for the time you spent with us at EHCA. It has helped me so much. This morning I went back over my notes. I've had a hard time staying close to God this summer and I've been worried about alot. As i went over my notes, I could just feel my trust in God returning. So thank you for the work you put into that week, and just know that it's still affecting some of us.

Pastor Chris-CC said...

Dear Anonymous...thank you for your encouragement!! I SO enjoyed getting to be a part of EHCA's very first Spiritual Emphasis Week! It was awesome for me, too!!!