Thursday, February 3, 2011

Desire Without Knowledge...

"Desire without knowledge is not good - how much more will hasty feet miss the way" (Proverbs 19:2).

Some time ago, I learned a very valuable, yet costly lesson. I knew that we needed groceries, and I had some time to do that, so I went to the grocery store. I had a great desire to bless my family, and to bless my wife by doing the shopping. Quite frankly, it was a GREAT idea! However, I hadn't really paid much notice to the fact that I hadn't eaten lunch, and it was getting closer to dinner time. I was hungry. What started off as a great idea ended up costing much more money, because in my hastiness to pursue a good idea, I bought to my stomach's content. It bruised our budget, and taught me a lesson. Just because something IS a good idea, doesn't mean it's the RIGHT idea at this time.

Good ideas don't always translate into good timing. It's so easy to take a good idea, give credit to God, and then run like crazy with it outside of His purposed timing. "Hasty" also means "to press." Pressing too hard and too fast on an issue will easily, and many times, inevitably, lead to a misstep. So much better is it to wait on God for His knowledge and an awareness that He desires to give, so that the direction He leads will be most productive and we will encounter far few trips and falls.

Maybe you're like me. I'm a dreamer. It is so easy for me to have a "great" idea, and then run 90 to nothing (that's "fast" for those of you who don't speak southern), to try to get it done, troubleshooting along the way, and hoping to luck out with a great result. I am learning important lessons with this. Most of my troubleshooting could be done on the front end as I am seeking God for His knowledge and awareness. And, I don't believe in luck. Just because you have a great thought and maybe even a great team to carry it out, if you don't have the timing of God, then be careful of missteps.

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