Sunday, February 13, 2011

As Water Reflects A Face...

"As water reflects a face, so man's heart reflects the man" (Proverbs 27:19).

Growing up in North East Texas, I spent a lot of time in the summers going to the lake. Different family friends had boats, piers, or sometimes just sitting on the side looking in. I loved seeing the reflection of my face and everything else in the water. How amazing! And, being the daydreamer that I am, would find myself relaxed and lost in great thought.

No matter what calm water we look at, we'll always be able to see ourselves in it, because virtually all water is the same it it's makeup. Muddy, clean, green, blue, or clear, water will reflect. So it is the same with People. God has made us all to bear similar qualities. As we look at others, we can usually see something of ourselves. It's easy to get angry, upset, or even critical. What we need to do is question whether or not we see some of whatever rubs us the wrong way in us. More than do we see it in us, does God see it in us?

I continue to find that the reason that certain people frustrate me easily, is because there's a flaw in them that I see in me, and when I see it, it causes me to withdraw. We need to allow this to truly affect us: In seeking God in dealing with that issue; in being more patient with the one struggling in similar areas as me; in not being so quick to judge or criticize them when I'm actually speaking that same judgment on ourselves.

What is also interesting, is that the closer you get to the water, the more you can see yourself...even in the mud. The closer you get to people, no matter what may irk you, the more you may find about yourself. When you grab hold of this, it really helps with how you see yourself, others, and how you see God. We all need His love, grace, and mercy in our own lives, but also to be lived through our lives.

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