Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Words Are Many...

"When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise" (Proverbs 10:19).

It doesn't take someone too long to know that I like to talk. And I like to talk a lot. I'm a very vivid thinker, have longtime been a daydreamer, so I usually think I have something to say! But, something that I continue to learn, is that it's a lot easier to talk than it is to listen. Most heated discussions don't involve true communication. Usually, it's just one person waiting for the the other to take a breath so that they can jump in and a make a point.

Have you ever noticed that we can get so easily offended, become defensive, and have an "answer" for just about anything and everything? When we're quicker to speak than we are to listen, sin, rebellion, is not lacking. But, the one who refuses to step foot on that slippery slope is truly wise (successful and prosperous).

What we really need to learn, and God allows plenty of opportunities for this each day, is when NOT to speak, to learn that we don't have to have the last word, that we don't have to mount up a verbal defense every time we get our feelings hurt or someone actually disagrees with us. We must learn and practice allowing God to deal with the other person...instead of becoming the other person that just won't stop.

If we really want to learn the "secrets" of great wisdom (prosperity/success), then we must start by learning and applying the life-changing principles of how to invest our mouths. Whether we realize it or not, our mouths are a reflector of the wisdom we live by. Allow God to show you, today, where your words have conflicted with your desire for His wisdom, and begin again to ask for His wisdom, and to live that wisdom out in every aspect of your life.

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Tom Braunstein said...

Don't be fooled. When words are few, sin is also not absent. Few words may be considered wise, but sin still lives in our hearts. The wise man obeys the commands of God.