Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diligent Hands Will Rule...

"He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment... Diligent hands will rule, bu laziness ends in slave labor" (Proverbs 12:11, 24).

One of the greatest lies ever preached is that there is somehow some formula you can live out that shields you from all trial, all sickness, all sorrow, and you will have abundant physical health, wealth, and whatever else you can name and claim. The even more sad part is that many people believed it, and many people became greatly disillusioned when that formula simply didn't measure up to reality.

However, God has purposed blessing for our lives. But, if we don't prepare ourselves for it, we will never see it come to pass. One who works hard toward the goal God has called will be blessed, satisfied and filled with more than enough - because their eyes are fixed on that God-ordained goal. They are determined and diligent, not chasing the fantasies that lead to emptiness. They don't settle for laziness; they refuse to sit and do nothing when God has called them to a work that requires action.

I want to be blessed! I know that's going to take God, but He also requires me to do my part. I have to make the daily choice to not chase aimless distractions, but to use my time wisely, to press on with determination and with diligence, because that is what honors God.

How are your hands? Are they diligent? Do you keep going even when you mind ready to give up? Don't get discouraged when the dream seems to be bigger than reality, or when the disappointments seem bigger than the dream. Do you part and you can trust that God will do His. When I was young, I remember hearing in church one Sunday morning that I am natural and God is supernatural. When I do what I'm to do in the natural, God will add in His "super." So go ahead. Do what you know you need to do in the natural, and then step back and allow God to add in his SUPER!

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