Sunday, January 9, 2011

And It Begins With Snow!

Today it's snowing, but that doesn't change a thing! God is still God, the driveway to the church is plowed, and we are beginning our week of prayer and fasting!

I am always excited about times of prayer and fasting. This is something I try to incorporate in my private life, but I so enjoy it when we corporately come together, encouraging one another, uniting together to seek the face of God! So powerful.

I once had a friend challenge me on the whole idea of fasting. He questioned whether or not I thought that I could twist the hand of God to do something I wanted Him to just by fasting. I responded to him that I don't have that kind of power. I can't twist God's arm to do anything. Fasting isn't for what can be done in God, but what God can do in me.

Fasting breaks me down. My wife sometimes jokes, at least I hope it's a joke, that I'm much nicer when I'm fasting! I'm more broken, more open, and definitely more hungry...not just for food, but to receive something REAL from God.

I encourage you today, especially if you are joining us this week, to set something aside. It may be food, a type of food, a meal, or something altogether different. The point is not the WHAT, but the WHY and the WHO we are depending on during. I am believing God to do way more than I could ever think or imagine possible...IN ME!