Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames
November 8-10 @ 7pm

This weekend, our church is going all out. We're continuing an all-out assault on Hell's efforts to take claim to the lives and souls of people in our community. The Bible is clear about the fact that is appointed to each a time to leave this earth and face the Father. The goal of a Christian is NOT just to get to Heaven, but to get there with as many people as possible!

Last week, teams from CrossWay Church took this passion to the neighborhoods with the "Let it Shine" outreach, reaching out to about 800 people, with at least 500 of them being children!

This video is an awesome story of one life that was changed by what God did in her through the drama of Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames.