Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anger Management

This last weekend, I shared with our church three keys in dealing with conflict within a relationship. The above video is funny, and a great example of one who has allowed pain, bitterness, rage, irritation, and disappointment to infect their ability to rationally deal with conflict.

Purpose Your Perception - We see what we want to see. So many conflicts are a result of people fighting for the other person to see what they see, rather than trying to see what the other one sees. It's a matter of pride vs. humility, and when pride wins, everyone loses.

Tame Your Temper - It's true that some people know just how to push your buttons, but you have the choice what is released when those buttons are pushed. When anger is control, God is not.

Monitor Your Mouth - It's easy to respond out of our hurt, our disappointment, our bitterness and our rage. However, when respond out of our hurt, it's hard for anyone to really hear. Words can bless and words can curse, but they can't do both and honor God at the same time.

This IS an impossible task...on our own. But God gives strength, He gives grace, and He forgives when blow it and need to start again!

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