Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Than "Just Getting By"

"If the focus of quality is on your work more than the quality of your worship, then your work becomes your worship...and that's idolatry."

This statement has become a resonating voice in my heart. How easy it is to become so passionate about what you do and not take time to worship that God who gave you the ability to be passionate.

The question that I must ask myself, is am I putting the same quality of excellence in my worship of the God I say I love, as I do into the other things of my life? Sometimes it's so easy to "just get by" with God. Because, of course, He will understand...right? He knows we're busy. He knows we've got other things going on.

What's most important? Because, I know I make time for what is most important. And I put my heart and soul into what is most important. I don't try to "just get by" at my job, or in my marriage, or with my children. I give my all, because it deserves and requires my all. I love Jesus, because He gave His all. What other response is adeuate, but to give Him my all.

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