Friday, May 8, 2009

Nick Vujicic

Check out this video and be sure to read the post below. You WILL be greatly encouraged!

No Arms, No Legs, No Problem

"When God doesn't give you a miracle, maybe you're the miracle for someone else."
What a quote. This was spoken by the guy next to me in the picture. His name is Nick Vujicic. He was born with no limbs, yet God has used him in such a powerful way in 24 countries, seeing over 200,000 people give their hearts to Christ.
But of course, it hadn't always been easy. When Nick was younger he thought about suicide. He considered throwing in the towel and giving up. He had prayed and believed that God would give him new arms and new legs, but at the end of every prayer, he was just as disabled as he was when he began. Discouragement would set in, until the day he realized that the true miracle was being done within. "I wanted God to heal my circumstance, but instead, He healed my heart."
When it feels as though life is unbearable, don't forget to lean on the God who created you with a purpose and loves you unconditionally. If you ever feel "disabled," because of your past, your failures, your inadequacies, or your insecurities, then take Nick's advice: "If you put GO in front of DISABLE, you will very soon find that GODISABLE = GOD IS ABLE."