Monday, April 20, 2009

When God Says "No"

This weekend, I began a series entitled, "God Speaks." The first message in this series is called "When God Says NO." I like this little video, because obviously this little girl has gotten pretty used to hearing those words over and over and OVER and OVER!

Do you ever feel like that with God? No matter what, you're getting a NO. After all you've done and tried to do...and He still says "NO"? Sometimes that feels so insulting. But, what I'm learning is...that's NOT God's motivation at all. We don't always understand why He says "no." But, we need to understand that there are REASONS...reasons we may not understand or agree with, but reasons we need to trust.

  1. PROTECT US - He knows what we don't know. He's protecting us from danger or sometimes from the destruction that our own pride will lead us to
  2. keep us DEPENDENT on Him - are we dependent on our own logic and way of doing things, or are we dependent on HIS guidance, HIS ways, and HIS timing
  3. DRAW us CLOSER to Him - the "no" should draw us closer to His heart and to His voice. Our desire should be to distance ourselves from anything that isn't His will or His timing.
  4. TEST our HEARTS - what will we do with the "no." Will we run our own way or will we surrender and obey?

When God says "no", He's really saying: "I love you," "I have a plan for you," "I'm preparing your heart," "I'm doing a work in you," and "you really don't want me to say 'yes.'"

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