Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII is the BIG day. Oh yes, as I write this, it's Sunday morning, and I am sure that there will be no shortage of black & gold in church this morning.

Of course, being a Dallas Cowboys fan, I'm being asked all the time who I am rooting for today.'s actually a very interesting question. I moved to the Pittsburgh area 4 years ago from the philly area. Yeah, I know...going from one place of hate to another when it comes to football. But, I decided, you know what...I can root for the Steelers, too. I don't have the same feelings for them as I do the Eagles, and they're not in my division, and not even in my conference should be ok.

Well, well, well...that didn't go so well. That next season, the church I was the youth pastor at, was very instrumental in the direction of my attitude. LOL! One Sunday morning, the pastor took my Cowyboys winter jacket to the stage where the congregation BOOED, then throwing it to the floor while they cheered. THEN, going to my car at the end of service, someone actually egged my car!

So....who am I rooting for? LOL!!! All I can say, is I'm sure I will get it today for wearing a white shirt and red tie! Actually, I'm not all that crazy about the Cardinals, but there are three things about them that I do like. 1) I met the coach in the Pittsburgh Airport while taking 30 teenagers on a missions trip to Mexico. He talked to a few of the guys and took a picture with them. 2) I'm a BIG fan of Kurt Warner - He's such an example of Christian chararcter. 3) I'm a sucker for the underdog - yes, I, too cheered for the NY Giants last year!

Either of the things I love about the Super Bowl, is that it gets people together around a common love, not of football, but the unity that comes from it. God, too, has called us to unite together, regardless of our differences in sports teams, political affialiations, churches, etc... He called us to LOVE one another. It's a tough task to tackle, but so worth it!!

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