Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrestling's Secret Weapon

Last night I went to see one of the teenagers in our church compete on his school's wrestling team. It was amazing. Each wrestler came out with all the excitement and adrenaline, shook hands with his opposition, and the battle began.

As the match continued, they'd go round and round, and then contact was made. Even though it didn't seem like there was alot of action at times, you could definitely see the fatigue that began to enter the match as well. Once one of the wrestlers got the other in a hold that put him close to the pin position, it was mostly just a matter of time. If he could just hold him there, the one on the mat usually did most of the work. You see, the one in control would just hold him there and let him wear himself out. The one on the mat would sqirm and fight to keep himself from being pinned. If there was enough time on the clock, he would eventually wear himself out and the referee would declare a pin.

In our lives, there is a conintual wrestling match. We face off with our fears, our struggles, our temptations, even our anger. Basically, we wrestle with sin. The concept is the same. If, in our own strength, we try to fight against it, with our own will power, we will wear down. 2 Corinthians 10:4 reminds us that the weapons of our warfare, or our fight, are not carnal. They are not our own (logic, strength, strategy), but they are might in HIM. The secret power to the spritual wrestling match is surrender. It doesn't make sense in the natural (as I'm sure it would never be coached from the side), but spiritually, it's the only way to win. We don't surrender to our opponent, we surrender to the One in whom we have the strength and the victory.

Remember, that it's not by our own might or power, but by HIS SPIRIT that we have been made overcomers and victorious!

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