Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day... is a new day for America. An historical day like none other. A day when equality has been tried, tested, and proven a little better than years gone by. A true testament to America's greatness.

Ok, let me be straight forward. I did not vote for Barack Obama. He wasn't my choice. But, let me be even more straight forward. That fact does not matter. He is, as of today, MY president. He needs MY support, MY prayers, and MY allegiance. I don't have to agree with everything he says or does...and I'm pretty confident that I won't. But, I believe that God has called us to be better than those who would choose to ridicule, mock, and disrespect those who have been elected to carry the burden of a nation.

So, I encourage and emplore you today, regardless of how you voted or what your feelings may be today, to stand beside President Obama, and to pray for him, that God would lead him and reveal Himself to him, his family, and this nation like never before.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard you speak about this at church and because I too did not vote for Obama,it has been VERY helpful to me.My first thoughts when hearing he had indeed won the election was"well,he is not MY president!" Your words provided me with a healthy dose of reality,because he most certainly is,like it or not.Just as I would have liked respect for McCain had he been elected,just as I cringed every time I heard the terrible comments about President Bush,so should I cringe when someone speaks ill of OUR new President Obama.I will respenct his position,I will pray for him and our nation.And I will not allow the fact that we hold different beliefs to prevent me from giving him the chance he deserves.I will tell anyone who my Saviour is and that I am a Christian and so I'd better be prepared to act like it.Thanks for helping me to realize that in this situation. K.C.