Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daddy, Dance With Me

This morning, my little girl, Faith, wanted to dress up in her princess dress. And of course, me being off work today, she wanted daddy to do it. So, I got in touch with my feminine side, put on her princess dress, complete with accessories, and we went to the living room to play.

Faith, immediately hearing the music playing in the living room, said, "Daddy, dance with with me, Daddy." I picked her up, and we danced around and around and around again. My little princess had a smile upon her face that was complete in Daddy's arms. She was dancing with her father. And you know what was really neat? She wasn't really dancing at all. I held her. I embraced her. I was the one moving here and there and all around. She just held on, looked in my eyes, and smiled.

It reminds me of our Father in Heaven. Just to dance with be held by Him, and to gaze into His eyes. He longs to dance with us. He longs to hold us. We don't have to do all the moving, just be held by Him and move with Him. What a beautiful dance.

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