Friday, January 23, 2009

Attention Deficit Dumbness Disorder

First of all, my appologies to anyone who might be offended with the title of this article. My reference is only to the one writing this article...THAT WOULD BE ME. Yesterday, I was given a great healthy dose of pride buster. You see, I'm a guy. I know, not really a huge revelation. But what comes with that is usually a semi-hardy helping of man-ego. You know, the "no I don't need to stop and ask for directions; no I don't need to make a list for the grocery store; no I don't need to write anything down; and yes I will remember!"

Yesterday, I went to return a car that I had borrowed while our minivan was in the shop. Now, you have to understand that my wife and I have three children (4, 2 &1), so obviously we have 3 car seats. Well, I remembered to transfer two of them and remembered the third one just after pulling on the PA Turnpike on my way home. So, what does one do? I'll tell you. I drove down about a half mile across from the church I where I used to be the youth pastor. My great idea was set. I would have the car seat brought over to the church, where I would cross over 2 lanes of traffic, jump over a concrete median, and cross 2 more lanes of traffic. Then I would have the car seat thrown down to me, and return the way I came, but this time carrying a car seat. By the way, this was about 4:45pm just as traffic is starting to heat up.

So, what did I learn from this that I can share with you. PAY ATTENTION! There's so much in our lives that God wants to do, and I believe that many times we are so focused on other things that we miss the obvious, and put ourselves in situations where we add to our own chaos. Sometimes, we just need to slow down.


A V said...

Please tell me that you'll NEVER, EVER, do this again!

Pastor Chris said...

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

A V said...

That WASN'T a question!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah,God wants us to slow down, except when we're bounding across 4 lanes of traffic holding a car seat!