Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Through the Night vacation!! We have been looking forward to this week for several months now. I found an incredibly nice little 3 bedroom house right off the Lake Erie in Ohio. It's a perfect situation!

Well, we're on our last day of vacation, and it has been rainy, cool, overcast, and our daughter is cutting in her last 2 front bottom teeth. I must be open, I had begun to get a little overwhelmed, discouraged, and well...mad. I've been looking forward to this week and it's NOTHING like I planned. But something happened in the last 18 hours that has definitely brought me to a new state of humility.

Faith, our middle child and only girl, went to bed around 8pm, which is pretty normal. However, by around midnight, she was screaming what sounded like from a horror movie (not that I watch them...just so i've heard). I went upstairs and my little princess is writhing in pain in her sleep. What's a dad to do? I got my pillow and blanket and went to share the queen bed that my 21 month old daughter is sleeping in. All through the night she tossed, turned, screamed, groaned, cried, and moaned. I never got upset, never became overwhelmed, exasperated, or frustrated. I just loved, prayed for her, was there for her, comforted her, and held her.

The Lord showed me something last night. When we cry out in the pain of whatever situation we find ourselves in, He's there. We may sound pretty frightful, hateful, or angry, but He doesn't get upset, frustrated, or overwhelmed. He loves us, comforts us, holds us, and is there for us. No matter the hour, no matter the situation. He is there...all through the night.

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