Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lest We Forget

In my special time between the creator of the universe, I have been rereading the book of Judges. I've been reading the Message, which has been really great in providing the same message in a fresh way. However, there is one line that really got me bothered. Judges 2: 10 soberingly says, "Eventually that generation died and was buried. Then another generation grew up that didn't know anything of God or the work He had done for Israel."

Did you catch that?? We're talking about the God that created the world, destroyed it by flood, saved one family and replenished the earth, delivered an entire nation out of slavery, split the an entire ocean to allow them to walk on dry ground, fed them with bread from heaven and a water from a rock. And they forgot about Him. How did that happen? Regardless of how or why, the truth remains that it did.

It has been quoted that Christianity is always one generation from extinction. So many people have already forgotten how God is the author of all freedom...yeah that right...freedom, the freedom we enjoy in this nation. This great, but not perfect, nation...this ONE NATION UNDER GOD, the nation that once stood for IN GOD WE TRUST. The nation that once unashamedly declared that were all endowed by OUR CREATOR... My how we have forgotten His power, His providence, His provision.

We now live in a time where that which God sees as destestable is now seen by the people that once called on God, as acceptable. We kill babies out of convenience, we call homosexuality a natural orientation, we mock those who would stand up for the cause of Christ, we remove the mention of God, Christ, prayer from our schools, our monuments, our national institutions, and even our money. To declare the Truth of God is to be deemed hate speech.

The truth of God still stands strong. It doesn't have to be believed in order to remain truth. But, we need people who are NOT ashamed to stand up and declare that truth, to live that truth, lest we forget, and the next generation lives in ignorance due to our failure to teach them, to guide them, to lead them to the truth, that if they know it, it will set them free.

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Jeff Leake said...

amen. great thoughts.