Monday, June 23, 2008


Wow! Yesterday was such an amazing time at CrossWay Church! The presence of God was so tangible, so evident, so special. I share a message that really connected to the core of who we really are. It was out the of the passage that relays the account of the sinful woman who brought her alabaster jar to Jesus.

Jesus Saw Her Sin. There were no secrets. She got tired of living a life that was contrary to the best that God had for her. She knew where to go. To the feet of the Friend of Sinners. She didn't care about what they said, what they thought. All she wanted was freedom.

Jesus Showed Her Compassion. He loved her. He embraced her. He saw beyond her past, her hurts, her mistakes. He saw the soul that He formed. He wasn't there to condemn her. When others were pointing their fingers, Jesus was opening His arms.

Jesus Saved Her from Shame. He told the naysayers that what she had done was so beautiful, that wherever the message was preached, SHE would be remembered admiringly. He was restoring her reputation, her dignity, her future. She had presented Jesus with brokenness. She broke the jar. She surrendered control of the contents.

What a great example for any of us. I pray that we would present Jesus with our own brokenness, for that is where true wholeness begins.

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